Satellite and cellular(s) in SpeedFusion co-existance

I concluded a successful POC with SpeedFusion connecting a mobile video/voip transmitter (Huawei Rapid) to a central unit using HD4. The customer (police) wants to have continuos connectivity in those rural areas where no cellular service is available; so they requested to add a satellite WAN to the mobile unit (HD4). We easily did it with the sole intention to failover to satellite when cellular links went down.

It works but we need something like a HOT FAILOVER. At the moment, failover takes about 5-10 seconds after manually disconnecting the SIMs. Apparently SF incorporates the satellite link slowly, even when there is connectivity.

One idea is to establish two SF tunnels, one with all cellulars and a second with satellite and create a priority outbound rule that utilizes the cellular SF tunnel first and when not available use the cellular tunnel. We will test today but I expect that the rule is also slow in responding.

Any suggestions please ?


Do you mean you need the SpeedFusion to failover to the satellite link when the cellular signal is very weak (but still connected)?

If so, probably you could try on the Cut-off Latency feature, as weak cellular normally has high latency, which you would need to find out and fine-tune at the sites.

You can find a SpeedFusion > Cut-off Latency setting as shown below.

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