Routing WAN puplic addresses


we would like to use a peplink and our current setup is as below:

1- Link-1 : there is point to point IP addresses between me and our ISP.

e.g. , my side is and ISP side is, and there is 8-additional IPs addresses routed from ISP side and we are using in it for our service like Mail server, application server, Proxy server.

2- Link-2: another ISP and there is P2P different /30 IP addresses from them also.

we would like to use the load balance in such away to combine both line to have more capacity. However, the problem is in routing of the 8-additional IP addresses to both link.

How peplink can support this scenario?

Is there a way to route the 8-IPs to both link? I dont think so?

Is it support to route to one link? how this can be implemented?

Yes , there’s a way. Peplink supports Drop-in mode on One WAN link and in this case the device can route

valid IP addresses to your LAN side which could be used for your published servers.

but there’s no way to use the Public addresses for both WAN links on your LAN side as this is a firmware restriction that supports only one WAN link in Drop-in mode.

Peplink development team has promised to remove this limitation in future firmwares. ( Dear Lai )