Routing based on destination, rather than WAN priority

I’ve got some MAX HD2 units running 7.1.2.

The each have hardwired, WiFi and 4G WAN options, configured for priority order failover in the usual way.

There’s a second hardwired connection (WAN2) plugged into a private satellite service (NOT internet).

I’d like to configure the router so that packets headed to satellite destinations ( in my case) always use the “WAN2” link, regardless of the status of other connections. That address block can only be reached via WAN2, and WAN2 can’t reach destinations on the internet.

What configuration incantation am I looking for?

I suspect that I want to remove the default gateway configuration from WAN2 (it’s not a path to the internet, after all - but this is not allowed) and add a route for my via the satellite router (where does this get added?)

The “Independent from Backup WANs” checkbox is interesting, but I find the help text confusing:

If this is checked, the connection will be working independent from other Backup WAN connections. Those in Backup Priority will ignore the status of this WAN connection, and will be used when none of the other higher priority connections are available.

What does “backup” mean in this context? Lower priority? Later software versions have a “backup priority” button, but this version does not.

Which connection “will be used when none of the other higher priority connections are available”? Is it talking about this connection, or “Those in Backup Priority”?

In WAN settings for WAN 2 tick “Independent from Backup WANS”

Lower priority.

You add an outbound policy, destination enforced via WAN2, then below that policy add another outbound policy any -> any, priority(or weighted load balanced) , all other WAN links apart from WAN2.

That way any traffic destined for the other site gets routed properly, otherwise traffic gets prioritized (or load balanced) over the healthy available WAN links.
That way

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