Routing acces point radio to a wan

Help. I have router with two internet connections (wan) and 3 access points with two radios on each configured the same…Is it possible to route one radio to a one wan the other to the other wan and if so whats best wsy to do this.

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could you please share us a network diagram of that you have plannen? I don’t understand your solution in detail.
We will find a way for this, im shure :slight_smile:


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Each access point has two IDs and passwords ,two seperate radios to log onto access point.I woild like to route each radio to its own wan. lets say radio 1 and radio 2. Radio 1 routes trafic to wan1 and radio 2 to trafic to wan 2.

this two ap have a different subnet ?

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No currently all same subnet

If you give each SSID its own LAN-Address, then you can create an outbound roule for this

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