Router Utility for Android

The wait is over. To all our Android fans, we bring to you Router Utility for Android.

Get full insight of your network as well as push notifications on up-to-the-second status updates on all your Android device, NOW.

Push Notifications (Requires Firmware 5.4.7 or later) - Get push notifications on real-time status updates.

  1. WAN Up/Down - In the event one of your WAN connections goes down you’ll be notified that the link is no longer active. Likewise you’ll also get a notification when the WAN link comes back online.

  2. SpeedFusion Up/Down - Receive a notification in the event a SpeedFusion connection goes down or comes online.

  3. Power Outage - If there is a power outage, firmware upgrade or system reboot, you’ll receive a notification when your router comes back online.

**Check Device Status **- Monitor WAN status, external IP addresses, and SpeedFusion links.

**Inspect Event Logs **- Keep an eye on router event logs using any Android device.
View WAN and SpeedFusion Bandwidth Statistics **- Get up-to-the minute insight on bandwidth usage and throughput across your WAN.

Installed the app on Samsung Tab 2 7 (GT-P3113). Can open the app and complete the form to add a new device. When “SAVE” is selected tablet hangs for 15-20 seconds and reports “Unfortunately, Router Utility has stopped working”

Balance running 5.4.7 build 2423, push notification is on

Sorry about this, Dave. Could you please send a Debug Report to us? You can do this by

  1. Open the app
  2. Bring out the drawer menu by tapping on the icon on the left-top corner
  3. Go to “Settings”
  4. Tap on “Send Debug Report”

You will be promoted of an Report ID once the report is sent. Please let us know your ID and we will fix this.

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Quick question about this utility. I have added my Balance 30 from home, and I can monitor and access everything as long as my phone is on the home network. As soon as my phone leaves the local network (dropping to 3g/4g or another wifi source) the app is unable to reach my router.

Anything special I should be doing?


Hi Kevin,

I believe you will have to enable WAN access from the web admin settings page to allow your phone to connect to the BPL-031 at your home when not on its local subnet.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, Mike

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Hi Kevin, when you are on your home network at your house you are connecting via Wi-Fi so you accessing the Balance via its local private IP that is not routable over the internet.

You should configure your utility to connect to the WAN IP instead, and if its dynamic and changes a lot then just sign up for a free Dynamic DNS account.

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Hi Kevin,

Both Mike and Tim’s suggestion is right.

A simple check:
Enter the router address into your Mobile Browser.
If you can see the Web Admin, then the same router address should work in the Router Utility App.

The Push Notification, however, will work even if your current network has no access to your router.
As long as the Router itself has internet access and your phone has internet access, you will be able to receive Push Notification.

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Fantastic! Thanks for the help on that. What a silly oversight on my part! Working great now! In fact…

Thanks guys!

Quick feature request, can we get a client list on the device? It would be cool to see the connected VPN clients without having to sift though the event log for connects and disconnects. :slight_smile: You guys are great,thanks!

Hi Kevin,

The Client List will be included in v1.2. Thanks for your suggestion.

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Why the Router Utility not in blackberry?

Hi Steiven,

Putting together a mobile app requires a lot of resources. Currently there is no plan to create a Blackberry app. In the future, if we see a big enough demand, we may reconsider this request. Thank you.

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Hi Guys

The push notifications on WAN link up/down seem to be taking ages to come through to my phone (Samsung Galaxy S2) connected via wifi to the pepwave on the local lan.
(cable pulled at 7:21, got the notification 7:27)

Any ideas? Or has push not been implemented yet in Pepwave MAX BR1 6.0.2?



Hi Mike,

May I know how many WAN in total you have on your BR1?

If you have only 1 WAN and it is disconnected, the router wouldn’t be able to send out the notification until the link is up again.
As the push notification travel from Routers -> Peplink’s Server -> Google’s Server -> Your Phone, it needs to have internet connectivity from at least one of the WANs.

And on the other hand, your phone will need to have internet connectivity too, in order to receive the push message.


Hi Calvin

Its got a 3g link & an Ethernet cable into a fibre router on the Wan port, so the delay should only be a few seconds to establish the 3g link on wan disconnect, and quicker on wan reconnect since the 3g link is online, but this is also slow.

Thank again for your reply.
We are able to reproduce similar issue in our lab with a MAX HD2.

This happens in one condition: " when the phone is connected with the router that has the cable pulled".
If the phone is on its mobile 3G connection only, then the notification is received within seconds.

After step by step tracking, we found that the router as well as our Peplink server has forwarded the event on time. (In less than 10 seconds)
But the notification message is stacked at Google’s Server and wasn’t able to be delivered to the phone.

Android maintain a socket between the phone and Google server for push service.
It might be caused by the Push server process in android’s phone takes a long time to recover.
It might not be aware that the link is already broken until its next alive check.
(We found that other service on the phone is working, for example surfing is fine.)

We’ll keep this issue in mind and see what we can do in the future.

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