Router Utility doesn't work when Peplink router has HTTPS certificate installed

I have a wildcard HTTPS cert installed in my Peplink routers (Surf SOHO and Balance 580), both on latest firmware 7.1.0. Router Utility apps showing “Router Unreachable”.

As soon as I remove the HTTPS cert and use default cert (which I will get a security warning on browser), then Router Utility starts to work.

Hope this can be fixed. Thanks.

It should be working. Can you open up a case here for the team to take a look ?

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I have a case created before - Ticket #780410

The local distributor contacted me but I guess it’s better I capture the log and work with Peplink directly?

Please advise.

@cckhaw, yes, it should be fine working with our Support Team. We will revisit the ticket and follow up from there.

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