Router Utility 1.4 & Notifications

Love the new beta on my iPhone 6. Only issue I noticed is with notifications. I will get the badge notification, but when I open the app, there are no notifications (like there used to be in previous versions)

They should be located on the main screen by swiping right

Thanks for the feedback!

Which build are you using for this issue?
Build number is the number next to the version, e.g. “1.4 (5)” is version 1.4 build 5, which help identify the code during rapid beta testing cycle.
This information can be obtained from the “About” page, by clicking the menu button at the top left of the screen.

We experienced similar issues in early build, and the problem should be resolved in “build 5”.

Let us know if that build (or later) is working in your case. Thanks!

The build is “1.4 (5)”

If you experience the same issue again, try send us a “Debug Report” by clicking the menu button at the top left of the screen:

“Settings” > “Send Debug Report” > Put your Email and Problem Description (e.g. Push received, but no notification in the App)