Router broken. Trying to find a way to contact the company


Have a Surf SOHO that has worked more or less reliably for quite a while but yesterday it stopped working. I know its the router because a direct connection to my modem works. A reset and then plugging and unplugging did nothing.

The lights are all green but my phone fails to get an IP if it connects to the router, and connecting a laptop to the router with a cable also does not work. So I’m hoping I can find a way to get in touch with someone at the company who can run a disgnostic on the router.


Quickest way to test this would be to do a hardware reset but holding down the reset button on the SOHO and see if once reset you can then connect to it again.


Ah, I should have been more clear. When I said I reset it in the original post I meat I used the reset button. I later also tried unplugging it and plugging it back in to no success.


Please open ticket here.


Thank you, I have just done so.


How long does it take for someone to reply to a ticket. I have a router down - will not power on and ticket open for more than 24
hours and no response.


Our apologies for the delay. I see the ticket has been responded to now.