Router behind balance 30

I have a Linksys router connected to a LAN port on the Balance 30. The Linksys is used by another company with a different subnet. They need to use my Internet connections through the Balance 30.

I was doing this with a Sonicwall TZ series firewall but that one died and I got the Balance 30 because I now have multiple Internet connections.

I thought this setup would work but it is not. They do not have access to the Internet on access to other devices on their LAN.

How can I allow their subnet access to the Internet through the 30?

It sounds like you might be using the same IP scheme on both routers, and this will not work. If you are using the default IP on the Peplink you will need to make sure the other router is using something different, like

Please confirm.

They are using different LAN subnets. One is and the other is I was working with someone in support there and we got it working then it would drop after about 2 mins. Worked with him last thursday he was supposed to call me back that day and never heard back from him. I will be calling support this morning once you open to get an update on this. Not pleased about not getting a call back.


Do you mind to provide the ticket number?