Router API - status.wan.connection.signal on 8.1.2


After moving from 8.0.2 to 8.1.2, the signal metrics retrieved by the status.wan.connection.signal endpoint seem to have disappeared. The information still appears in the InControl2 web interface, so it seems like it is just a matter of not filling the fields during the request to the API. Any help in returning these values at the router API endpoint would be greatly appreciated!

@Cyrus, can you share the output (with sensitive information being masked out) of that API command with us?

Alternatively, you may submit a support ticket and attention to me.

Hi @WeiMing , thank you for the rapid reply!

Here is the output of the command without arguments:

curl -k -b cookie.txt '

  "stat": "ok",
  "notice": {
    "status": "beta"
  "response": {
    "order": [
    "1": null,
    "2": null,
    "3": {
      "virtualType": "wifi"
    "4": {
      "virtualType": "cellular",
      "activeSim": {
        "carrierName": "AT&T",
        "network": "LTE"
      "signalLevel": 4
    "5": {
      "virtualType": "cellular",
      "activeSim": {
        "carrierName": "T-Mobile",
        "network": "3G"
      "signalLevel": 3
    "6": {
      "virtualType": "modem"

@Cyrus, yeah, we verified and obtained the same results as yours. The Engineering Team has been notified and plans to include the cellular signal information in the future firmware release.

We will keep you posted with the update.

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