Route traffic for youTube


I have Peplink Balance 380 device
I tried to make new outbound route for You tube to go out from Wan 2 only
it some times working and some times not working

please i need to correct steps for making this policy


Please post a screen shot of the rule you made.



You will find that routing by DNS name does not work as you expected. This is because the router actually does a reverse lookup for outbound connections. The reverse lookup often does not match the forward lookup.

You want to route traffic…
Client A does a DNS lookup for and gets back
Client A tries to initiate a connection to
Router does a reverse lookup for and gets back
since the routing rule is based on and NOT, the traffic does not match the rule.

I am hopeful that peplink one day will change this outbound policy to use cached records in it’s internal DNS server for outbound routing. The router knows that client A asked for and it also knows that was returned for – I don’t understand why the reverse lookup is needed. The best I can come up with is that some folks do NOT use the internal DNS server and caching mechanism - so a reverse lookup would be the “best effort”