Route Internet Trough Peplink Balance LAN


We have HQ and two Remote Sites. One of the remote site have peplink balance and the other dont have.

HQ - Have Peplink Balance
Remote Site AM - Have Peplink Balance
Remote Site RJ - Dont Have Peplink Balance

At HQ we have a Web Content Filter and a Firewall and both remote sites must be routed to these filters to go internet.

How can we create a Static Route in the Peplink Balance LAN interface to Route this traffic through the Web Content Filter and Firewall is inside HQ Peplink Balance LAN?
Like: pointing to the Firewall IP Address

I attached a topology



For remote Balance you will need to check mark “Send All Traffic To” and choose the PepVPN/SpeedFusion tunnel under Network>SpeedFusion.

Then on the main HQ Balance you will need to create the Static Route that you mentioned above.

Network>LAN: Static Route

That way all incoming traffic from the remote sites to HQ will be routed through the FW before going back out to the the internet.

Hello Jarid,
Thanks for the answer. The subnet mask can’t accept Only /1 or greater.
And About the other remote sites which don’t have Peplink? They will obey this static route too? For example, Remote Site RJ in the above diagram. We need they obey the same static route because they only have MPLS connection to the HQ, the gateway to the internet is the Firewall on the HQ.


José Vicente


José Vicente


It is possible to use Please upgrade to latest firmware.

You just need to do default route from RJ site to HQ.

Hope this help.