Route 3 subnets through PEPVPN

Hi all,

We are using a Balance 380 in Drop-in Mode and multiple MOTG on the other site to connect remote sites.

Behind Balance 380 we have multiple subnet (,, but when connected layer3 PepVPN only the local subnet of the Balance is announced to its peers (

Unfortunately as we are in Drop-in Mode and we are using some Layer2 VPN we can not just add a static route on Balance 380 to announce this route.
When adding static route, all layer 2 vpns are loosing access to this subnets (can’t understand why but that happened… :()

Does anyone have any solution for this issue ?

Or we have another solution which consist in routing all trafic through the VPN but when doing that, all packets are NATed on Balance public IP when arriving on the 2 new subnets.
How can we disable this f***** NAT ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hi Franck,

I noticed you have opened a ticket on this. Please provide the network diagram via ticket for better understanding. I will follow up from there.

Thank you.


Thanks for your feedback!

If somebody can share here his experience that would be great too for community.
Maybe I just misconfigured something because disabling NAT is possible on all cheap routers …

Thanks for your help.