Round Robin Outbound Policy

I would really like a round robin outbound policy algorithm. It would help me double my current capacity for some remote sites. These are plain old http sessions. 4 tcp sockets are created concurrently and none of the other algorithms are able to handle this scenario as expected. Round Robin would satisfy my use case.

If round robin cannot be implemented, please implement a modulus equality check for outbound traffic rule. Also need a source port parameter. End goal is a rule like - ((srcPort % 2 ==1) AND (dstDomain == β€œ”)) β†’ WAN1.

Thanks and keep up the awesome work!

Please try the Weighted Balance algorithm and give all links a weight of 10. This should create the Round Robin effect you are looking for.


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I have tried it in the past with no luck, but I will try again. I actually tried with a 1 as the value for both. Is weighted balance based on number of sessions? Current download throughput?

I guess a better way to ask is β€œwhat is it balancing?” If it is based purely on matching session count - it might work as round robin.

I will try to set an outbound rule up for this particular DNS domain with weighted balance set to equal for both links. I think I may have setup my rule based on source IP, which after looking through DNS logs, was never going to work. These consoles are chatty as hell when they start up.

Thanks for the help.

Please find the diagram below. This is how the Weighted Round Robin was worked. Please take note, our load balancing is session based.

Hope this help.


I am curious how the weighting is implemented. I understand if it is proprietary though. Thanks much.