Retain location and activity history after replacing faulty unit in IC2

Another request and nice to have feture in IC2 from our valued customer.

If a unit failed and being replaced - those location profile of the faulty unit must be retained in IC2 together with the history of bandwidth usage etc., so that all we have to do is change the serial number to match the new replacement. Of course for the record perhaps, can be added in the history report as well is the replacement of the faulty unit with the new one.

many thanks!


+1 for this.
A replace with new device function would be great.
Have thought about this in the past just never got round to requesting it!


We run a fleet of Balance Routers for a customer with a cold spare, this would be extremely good to have, a vote for this feature also.
What is really important is the usage & client activity logs, as these may be device specific, though they are also location specific for our customer also.
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hi Team, any updates on this please?

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Hello Engineering Team,
This request lines up nicely with another feature request we have made

It has very similar requirements in the retention of data.
Appreciate your assistance,
Marcus :slight_smile:

What do you think if IC2 would allow you to “swap” two devices’ records? From configuration backups to reporting data will also be swapped. But their warranty will remain unchanged. Both devices have to be in the same organization and are offline when performing the swap. It’s better for both devices to be the same model but it is not necessary. What do you think?

It is a different topic. I will leave the discussion in that thread.


Hello Michael,
I like this idea/option to swap records between two devices, looks like a good way forward. Obviously the warranty on the physical devices needs to be left with the devices, that makes sense to use, a bonus you’ve mentioned here is the ability to moved between models, wow that would be so good, so if a regional office had a Balance 310 and was replacing it with Balance ONE or a Balance 580, now that is going to be terrific. Doing this within the existing group makes a lot of sense too.

As to the two devices being both offline while it is done, would be interesting to test it when the new device is already powered up, as that would allow a replacement unit to be sent to site so as long as it has access to IC2, someone in a support role or at a NOC can then provision the unit remotely, reduces the need for a trained technician to be at site and that is going to be important with remote offices/locations.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

IC2 will allow to swap two devices’ records regardless they are online or not.