Restoring previous configuration settings with no WebUI

I just made a change to my router settings and now I am blocked from accessing the WebUI. I have saved a previous configuration setting for my router on my computer. Is there a way to roll back my router setting or restore the setting with the saved configuration file without accessing the WebUI? Note: I do not have IC2 set up yet.

Good move saving a config file! (It’s happened to all of us at one time or another. :shushing_face:)

  1. Return the router to factory defaults. (You don’t say which device you have but most of the ones I think you are likely to have will respond with a paperclip-type instrument inserted in the small reset hole for a slow ten count.)
  2. Log in using the credentials printed on the bottom of the router.
  3. Upload your saved config file.
  4. Log in with your previous credentials as saved in the config file.
  5. Go have a beer and celebrate.

I agree, Cheers

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