Requires firmware 8.1.1 which is already installed

Hello: I have a Pepwave Max Duo and am trying to activate the SpeedFusion Cloud, but it keeps telling me I need to upgrade the firmware on the device to 8.1.1, which I have already done. So, I cannot activate this service. How do I tell SpeedFusion Cloud that the firmware HAS been updated. Very frustrating.

I was hoping someone with this device would chime in… and they probably will eventually. Until they do, make sure that your device is booting to the appropriate firmware. In the reboot menu, there should be two firmware versions available to boot to – make sure that you have chosen the correct one.

When I login to the device it says it’s running 8.1.1. But, no matter what I try, Pepwave will not allow me to get an “activation key” for SpeedFusion Cloud. Even after I paid for the service - twice. Doesn’t seem to be much of a “community” with this device. Thanks for your input.

Hi Roger - Welcome to the forum.
Are you running firmware version 8.1.1 b5040? (you can check on the status page).

Can you screengrab any errors you see please? Might help us work out whats going on.

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Did you get a code when you purchased your license? You would need to copy/paste that into the additional features are of the admin website. After it is activated, all the configuration features should become available.

Where did you buy the SFC license? The folks that sold it (device and license) should be the first line of support, and they are typically very knowledgeable.

The forum has a lot less traffic from us “regulars” over the weekend. It is actually a pretty good group of folks that try to help folks. Personally, I just do it for fun - I like to think I help folks get going.


First of all, when I purchased the SFC, I purchased it directly from the Pepwave site - twice. I never got any code at all, but they charged my PayPal account both times so I know the purchase went through. I was sent a link to upgrade to 8.1.2 but it’s only a PC file and I use a Mac.

Meanwhile, the Pepwave Duo I now own us running at dial up speeds while my phone, using the same network, is operating at 40GB up and down. I hope I didn’t make a bad purchase decision!

Yes, I’m running 8.1.1 b5040. But it still won’t give me an activation key.

@roger1, I notice you opened a ticket for the same matter. Your SpeedFusion Cloud license was activated. We are investigating the root cause. Please help to follow up with us in the ticket.


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