Requirement: cellular roaming enabled by default after factory reset


I have about 50 MAX BR1 deployed in several countries. These BR1s have Telenor Sweden SIM cards. In most of the cases, BR1 cellular is working in roaming mode. The roaming cost and SIM cards are centrally managed by the head office.

In rare cases, I need to make factory reset on BR1. However, cellular roaming is disabled after the reset. Is it possible to allow roaming by default after factory reset?

Yu Cao

Hi Yu, this is not possible because cellular roaming is disabled by default. The vast majority of customers would not want this enabled by default because of potential huge roaming costs.

Hi Tim, I agree with you that the majority would not want this enabled to avoid roaming costs and fully understand why this is the default option. Can I raise a customization request so that we can have a special FW which enables roaming after reset? Any alternative?