Require Confirmation for Balance of BPL-305


We are in China. We have Two Lease Line to need use Balance for our company. the WAN1 lease line is supplied by chinese ISP(240Mbps). The WAN2 lease line is supplied by PCCW(100Mbps). Because Chinese ISP 's Lease line is not able to access Facebook, Twitter, and so on. we need access facebook ,Twitter,…through PCCW’s lease line, when the client access them(;,and so on).

Could you please let us know if the BPL-305 is able to available for our requiring?

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You can use “domain lookup policy” together with “outbound policy” to achieve this.

For more information, please refer to the attached screenshot for the settings:

  1. Define Domain lookup policy.

  2. Enforce related domain traffics using the correct WAN using Outbound policy

Thank You