Request: Ping, Traceroute Tools in FusionHub

Hello… I am testing FusionHub and like it quite a bit. Trying to debug access to the lan on the data center side and am wishing I could use some kind of ping and traceroute tools on the FusionHub side.

Is there any way to use them via console? Any other options in console other than configure?

Ping and Trace route will be available in next major release (6.4.0).
You can upgrade to following firmware if you want to preview these features:

Hi Kenny
Could you please supply more info about FusionHub 6.3.2?
I’m still running 6.2.2 - had the instance up for 377 days now!

v6.3.2s004 with new features below.

  • Support Static Route
  • Support IPSec VPN
  • Support Port Fowarding
  • Support Network Capture
  • Support Ping and Traceroute tools