Request for suggestion

we have a headquarter office and a miltiple site, each site and the headquarter office have tow ADSL connection, we transfer we transfer videos from sites to headquarters.

we want to use peplink balance with mediaFast to increase throughput and create VPN tunnels.

which model to be used for headquarter and sites?


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what is the Bandwith you need between your branch offices and your headquater?

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we need 150Mbps in the upload

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Have a look onto this document

I would recommend to contact your certified Peplink Partner. They can help you in the design.

Where are you located?

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i want to know the meaning of SpeedFusion Throughtput and the router Throughtput, and how they affect the Bandwith


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This is easy to explain.

The SpeedFusion throughput is the bandwith you can get in a VPN-Tunnel
The router throughput is the maximum you can get through the routers firewall (without VPN).

eg. you have SpeedFusion throughput of 20Mbps a router throughput of 50mps and your dsl brings 200 mbps.

you will get maximum 20 in your Tunnel.

Is this what you want to know?

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yes thanks for your explain

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hi dennis.hofheinz

another question please, if a have one headquater and multiple branch offices, i want to use pepVPN/SpeedFusion, how many VPN tunnels i will use


this depends on your design.
At least one Tunnel from each brachn office to your headquater.

Whats you hombased country? I think Peplink has a specialist also in your country, so you design the perfect solution for you together.

Best wishes