Request for LAN Ethernet connection status

from our partner:

I have a couple more feature requests with the Peplink Balance ONE (& CORE) routers:

With administering the routers remotely, it would be very useful to be able to within the routers web management page get the Ethernet connection status of a port (connection state, network speed and throughput)

Also it would be useful to have logged when a LAN port is connected or disconnected, similarly to when a WAN port is connected or disconnected.

These would make remote network diagnosis easier and also help with detecting router physical intrusion or people doing things with the router at site when not authorised.



As a heavy user of remote peplinks I’ll like this feature too.

Add it on the “support.cgi” page?

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+1 for both of these

Also a link to the “support.cgi” page from the GUI would be nice.


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Another heavy peplink user.

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The requested feature are in the feature list now, so far we have no ETA yet for the feature.

Please stay tuned.

Thank You

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hello Sit, just would like to see if this has somehow moved from the feature list queue since the last time we spoke about this.?

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The requested feature is in the feature road map now. Targeted should be 7.0.1 or above. Details info on what LAN interface status will show still yet to be confirmed. Pleas stay tuned.


Hello @sitloongs,
Will this feature be available across the entire Peplink model range with the release of 7.0.1 ?
It certinently will be helpful on the remote management side.
Appreciate your assistance,
Marcus :slight_smile: