Request For Clarification on Pepwave Max BR1 IP 55 (LTE) Router Lan Port Specifications i.e. 100 or 1000 Mbps(1Gbps)?

Good day.

I run an ISP in the Republic of Botswana( , I am considering using the Pepwave Max BR1 IP 55 (LTE) Routers in my network, the various data sheets for this product on the Peplink website are confusing , it is really not clear whether the product has a single 100Mbps LAN port or a 1000Mbps (1GE) port.

If it has a 100Mbps port , then this is a major throughput bottleneck, since some LTE services exceed 100Mps.

Looking forward to your feedback


It has a 100Mbps FE port. Later this year our products will get updated to support CAT6 LTE networks.

Thanks Tim S.

I suppose that this implies that the updated product will have a GE LAN port, since a100Mbps LAN port would be serious throughput bottleneck for Cat6 LTE speeds (theoretical 300Mbps).

Yes sure, it will have GE ports. Thanks.