Replacement HD2 SIM boards

Hi Team,
We have a good partner that is wondering if we can provide 12 of the pictured boards which are the HD2 SIM boards. Is there any chance these would be available for purchase? if so, could you share the details on any minimum order and pricing?


@Tim_S, can you help to follow up?

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Hi Topher, what is the reason for the board request? Is it broken SIM socket on the other side?

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Hi Tim,
Yes, the customer has about 10 that have broken and wants a couple extras for spares.

Hi Topher,

While waiting Tim reply, i keen to know the followings:

  1. What is the actual problem for the HD2 SIM boards that partner need to get it replace ?

  2. How is the deployment for the HD2 devices ? 10 units having the same issue ? The device still under warranty ?

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Hi Sitloongs,
The devices are no longer under warranty. They are asking about purchasing these to replace broken ones that have gathered over time so that they can continue using them.

I have a need for one of these for an older HD2 3G. Currently using duct tape to hold the SIM in place but that’s not ideal!