Remote user access cant login to router


I have a Balance 20 deployed on one of our customers. I have 4 vlans set on that router. I configured the support remote user to access VLAN 10 - Data, with IP address range of The user gets an IP like but I also set the admin interface to be only accessible from VLAN 10 - Data and now I can’t connect. Why would that be? I am really upset, I even double checked before doing this. I can access the VLAN and get the corresponding IP but now I can’t access the router.


No idea. You’ll have to get access to it to see whats happened…
Is it in InControl2? If it is then you can grab the latest config file from there and log a ticket with engineering to work out whats happened.

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I dont have InControl configuration enabled for that router. I will go to see the customer tomorrow and will post any updates of what I find.