Remote User Access Authentication, Balance 20X

Hi there,

We received our Peplink Balance 20X today, which replaced our 10+ years Balance 20.

I wonder if I am missing something. On the product page Deep Dive it gives various forms for user authentication

See deep dive, here:

On the device itself, however, I only have options to list local users. I am not allowed to paste another image, but these are the main categories presented to me:
Remote User Access Settings

  • Enable
  • VPN Type
  • Preshared Key
  • Listen On
  • Connect to Network
  • User Accounts

I’ve checked the manual for that section, but I don’t see if there is a workflow that activates other options, and googling didn’t help me. I specifically wanted to use Active Directory Authentication.

Am I missing something?


As a reply, see below what is presented to me under remote user access:

I get the same options as you do on a 20X running 8.1.2 but if I look on a 310X also on 8.1 there are a few more otions available… perpaps reach out to Peplink support as they may just not have enabled this yet for the 20X.

Based on what is shown on the website, this or something similar is what I expected. Thank you. Will reach out to them.