Remote SIM Proxy/ Balance One / HD1 Dome

I can’t find an explicit statement anywhere that the Balance One (in this case, the Core version) supports Remote SIM Proxy. My (simplified) intended set up is:

HD1 Dome – WAN – Balance One – LAN – SIM Injector.

To be clear, I realize that the Balance One does not support Remote SIM (since it doesn’t have a radio), but my question is about Remote SIM Proxy. I also realize I could put the Injector on the WAN side of the Balance, but that would complicate the network wiring given that I want the Injector at the nav table (this is for a sailboat) and there will be other WAN devices in the setup (WiFi, Iridium) all at the stern.

Does this Remote SIM Proxy setup work with the Balance One? Thanks.

The balance one does indeed support remote sim proxy, this setup should be fine.