Remote modem product request

Since the post got lost in the forum crash…

Someone else made a post requesting Peplink create a “remote modem” product

Preferably a Max adapter that can be PoE and placed far from a Peplink router “brain”

I also added that would be priority and secondarily, making a dome version with antenna integrated would be cool as well, since the router part would not be needed if its a “slave” to a Peplink router placed elsewhere


Yes, we hear you. Something is in the works. “Synergy” mode is under development. It will be available as a Dome version too.

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Woohoo!!! Thank you! You guys rock!

I think that was me - I had a post where I asked about hooking a Max Adapter 5G to my Balance one, which is located in a storeroom. Is it better to extend the distance using a USB extender, or with long antenna cables?

(The obvious answer is : Neither - it should be done via POE!)

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do you have any eta or further details that you can share? i have a couple folks interested but they will hold off buying a different solution possibly.

Any hopes for 8.3. ?

Thanks for synergy mode. Still hoping for a product that is just a remote cellular and possibly wifi device (not full router) or a device that allows one to use the max adapters. It can leverage synergy mode as the back-end.

I don’t think that is very likely, because I can’t see how that would be different to a BR1 mini in Synergy mode.

The hardware required for a remote modem that could talk over ethernet is the same hardware that would be needed for a basic router like the BR1 mini, so it would just be another device to design/build/maintain with a smaller use-case. Using a BR1 mini leverages the economies of scale in that product.

I hear ya, max br1 mini hw3 might be decent but no 5g.

Then a BR1 Pro 5G… a pure modem version isn’t going to be that much cheaper, 5G modems cost a lot more than 4G modems.

Over time it will come down (we have already seen one big price drop on the br1 pro 5G).

yes but from a form factor perspective, something small, meant to go into an enclosure (or is ip-rated itself) or tight space might help in certain applications. i just put a br1 pro into a poynting epnt-1 which is huge, and keeps the br1 in a not so accessible location. any ways, you are right, there are options. i appreciate peplink coming up with synergy mode.