Remote connection to device

How do I configure 580X to access a device within the LAN (for example a camera) from any other point on the internet without public IP, Someone who can help me please..??, 

Host a FusionHub virtual appliance in the cloud which has a fixed public IP. Create a PepVPN tunnel to FusionHub from your B580X. Now you can either port forward from the FusionHub public IP to LAN devices on the B580x, or you can user software VPN to connect to FusionHub and you can then access anything on the LAN of the b580x.

Thanks for your help, I don’t have the Fusion Cloud

No, but you can. Fusionhub Solo is a free license. You can host in for 6USD / month
Setting Up FusionHub on Vultr – Martin Langmaid – SDWAN Architect

Thanks again, it is a Peplink in production that cannot use Fusion Cloud

Not sure how to help. You say you don’t have a public IP but you want to access it remotely, so you need to make changes, but you say you can’t because its in production?

The Fusionhub approach would only be used for the remote access part - you wouldn’t need to make changes to the way other data flows in and out of the b580x.

If you can’t make changes to the topology / routers / etc. Then you would need to look at applications to run on the LAN of the B580x to give you remote access.

Depending on the device you could use something like or to tunnel out from behind the b580x however these are 3rd party services you don’t fully control.

FusionHub in comparison is arguably much more secure in that you decide where to host it and can manage the virtual device yourself.

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