Remote access through a PepwaveMax via port warding

I am trying to access a local pc through a PepwaveMax with port forwarding (port 3389) but does not get through. Should this work or do I need to use PepVPN?

Is the MAX on cellular? If it is I suspect the mobile network is blocking inbound traffic.

If you have a public routable IP on the WAN in question, port forwarding like this should work fine.

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Thanks for the welcome! The router is on cellular. Some of our PCs have updated and I have had to create inbound rules in windows for remote access (i could only ping one direction) but can ping both directions on this one. The router and cellular service should not have changed (other than adding port forwarding for this port). I we are able to access a DVR app in the pc via tcp port w/ port
forwarding but not remote desktop.

Create a firewall rule on the MAX, inbound for 3389 set to allow and enable logging. That will prove RDP traffic is hitting the MAX. Then if needs be do a network capture to see whats going on. Perhaps the windows updates have tripped you up…

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