Reject specific subnet on WAN dhcp?

We have a starlink that after a power outage will give out a mangment subnet (192.168.100.x)
After it gets a signal from space, it will give out the real IP address.
The only problem is the pepwave hangs on to that 192.168.100.x IP forever it seems. So no internet unless you manually unplug the wan cable and replug.

With pepwave, can we set it to reject a certain subnet on WAN dhcp? Or have it renew lease on internet failure? Or reboot the port on internet failure?

+1 on this question… I am seeing same issue here… Starlink antenna hands out 192.168.100.x address when it is not connected to satellite network, and then once connected it hands out 100.x.x.x address… Peplink router is getting the 192 and doesn’t change to the 100.x when needed. If network connection is lost briefly it can sometimes revert to 192.168.100.x again, and then takes a long time to go back to 100.x when network connectivity is regained.

I would like to reject the 192.168.100.x dhcp offer somehow on the peplink side somehow, and hold the original address longer.

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This would seem to be a Starlink issue. Unless PEPlink is doing something wrong, it would be causing issues with other devices, too. Starlink should be using a very short lease time when providing the mgmt address, like 2 minutes, so a connected device changes over relatively quickly when the network changes.

It doesn’t make much sense for a PEPlink device to use the ‘IP address lease time’ option to suggest the lease time it would like - if honored, that would lock it into a short lease time even for the “real” IP address, creating a need for frequent renewals.

I have a Gen1 starlink. What you’re seeing doesn’t happen for me. I’ll see if I can see what the process actually is - whether its a short DHCP lease for a forced disconnection, but it seems to go from the management IP to the routable IP very quickly.