Regarding inbound dns services in multiple sites

Hello All,
Hello I want to host dns of my organization in pep link and I have following scenario and I have issue with configuring one.

Currently my domain “” is hosted in single iSP (eg;” by service provider and there no critical-issue at this moment although being hosted in single ISP IP. Now I want to host another websites named “ (” through pep link with inbound dns services mapped to multiple ISP (primary: and for traffic load-balance as well to minimize possible service disruption in-case of single ISP failure. Since pep link will be Authoritative dns for domain “” and all request for “” should be resolve as it is but for “” should be resolved by peplink to internet. Is it possible to configure for my above scenario and what do I need to modify in my name-service record to send request to peplink for “”

Please check the below forum post for authoritative DNS delegation:

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