Redundant Firewalls and Blacklist Filtering


My Windows browsers (both IE and FF) have recently developed the habit of “going dead” for maybe 10 seconds, while scrolling a particular web page. No input device will produce a response on-screen. After 5-10 seconds the scroll wheel on the mouse, the keyboard arrow keys, etc all begin to work normally. At first I thought this behavior was due to ISP throttling. Now I wonder if this clunky operation has to do with multiple filters and firewalls in the network chain?

I use OpenDNS which is, in itself, a content filtering service. Then we travel through the Surf Soho and its firewall and content filtering features. On to Windows where we have a software firewall, virus scanner, and another web site filter. Then FireFox itself has features that block invalid site certificates, known unsafe web sites and other bad guys on the internet. Maybe all these steps are slowing the whole system down unnecessarily? Too many redundant firewalls, checks and filters?

Thank you,