Redundancy with Drop-in Mode and Bypass

Hello, I´m starting to work with Peplink products and I´ve been asked if is possible the balance 380 assume an VIP if the routers be down.

The topology has an MPLS network with VRRP between two routers and the balance 380 connecting the LAN customer, If the VIP be down there is any possibility to configure the balance to take the VIP dynamically, in other words, the balance to takes over as the network gateway and redirects the traffic to one 4g connection?

I did some tests but I didnt have success.

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Can you provide network diagram that can explaining your setup ?

Guessing you may having the drop-in mode deployment for the B380 MPLS WAN and a backup Mobile Internet connection (USB). It should work for the setup.
------------------------------- Drop in Ethernet WAN ---- MPLS ------ MPLS modem
LAN client —> B380
------------------------------- Mobile Internet (USB)

For more information, please refer to the URL below:

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If the router A and router B be down ou the VRRP IP not connect anymore, how can I configure the Balance to have redundancy in LAN network?

I´m readind about Backup Priority and standby state on interface Mobile Internet.

As mention earlier:
You should having the drop-in mode deployment for the B380 MPLS WAN and a backup Mobile Internet connection (USB).

WAN health check for the Ethernet WAN (MPLS) will detect the WAN failure and fail over LAN users using the Mobile internet (USB).


Hi guys. About the redundancy I have some doubts yet. The [email protected] asked to me post the questions here.

If the gateway adrress is the VRRP or any other router in the network, how the clients networks (notebooks, smartphones) will continue send packets for gateway if this gateway is down? The balance assume this IP ?

When I did a test with traceroute I saw the first hop is the balance lan interface and just the second hop is the gateway address IP. This behave is normal?

If the CPU LOAD on balance reaches 100% this can cause any latency problem on the network because it´s the first hop?

In short, how the balance handle with traffic with and without gateway? Because it is transparent but some times it needs to assume the gateway functions.


Balance router will act as ARP proxy. So when the Drop-in WAN is down, the traffic will be forwarded to the backup WAN.


Thanks TK_Liew. This answer explain all doubts.

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