Recommended Speedfusion settings for VDSL?

I have a Balance 20x connected to 2x VDSL2 connections, (one connected to USB ethernet)

Is synced at around 29/5 and the other 30/7, at the moment they have similar latency to the fusionhub (around 25ms) although I’ve had it in the past where the latency difference is as much as 12ms (It depends what the DLM decides to set the interleaving profiles to on the lines and I have 0 control over that)

With Bonding mode on i’m often only seeing 35-40Mbit which seems a little low, so I’m guessing it’s either transit to the fusionhub or I need to tweak some of the settings.

Fusionhub is running on KVM and I have the build that solves the packet fragmentation issue.

Also passing IPv6 over wireguard in the tunnel which I think doesn’t help matters as IPv6 traffic as an MTU of 1350 and also looks like it’s coming from a single device.

As the lines reach their maximum speeds there is a little packetloss and my suspicion is this causes speed-fusion to backoff.

At the moment I have the modem/routers handling the PPPoE/DHCP, I did have the balance doing it but I recently changed one of the lines to Sky which requires option 61 sent in the DHCP request, the Balance 20x is in the DMZ of both routers.

Also wondering if it’s worth giving the fusionhub a 2nd vcpu.

Seems one of the Lines likes to get a bit lossy as it approaches it’s maximum speed, not sure if there’s any way to adjust settings to account for this as it seems the bonding seems to want to utilize them fairly equally

I found this PDF in the posts here in the forum, maybe it explains why you’re not seeing a 59mbit connection.

  • Turn on DSL optimisation in QOS
  • set your WAN link bandwidth speeds manually as accurately as you can

and if that doesn’t improve it,

  • set an upload bandwidth limit in speedfusion to 90% of your measured upload speeds to stop upload getting saturated.

Ideally it needs a way to tell Speedfusion the bandwidth of each wan, I’ve already set the thresholds in the wan configuration and also a throttle on the Fusionhub

Ideally yes, but how would it know?

Good. Did you tick the DSL optimisation box in the Qos settings too?

Yes both that and bufferbloat mitigations are on.

Interesting rebooting the modem seems to have helped with the packetloss on that line.

Re the wan speeds I meant Ideally it should be possible to tell SpeedFusion to limit the throughput on a per wan basis, the numbers set in the wan bandwidth aren’t used in Bonding mode as far as I know

You can set an overall tunnel download/upload speed limit but you can’t tell it not to send more than a certain amount per WAN.

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