Recommended outbound policy for ADSL+LTE WAN combo?

I have ADSL and USB LTE WANs connected to a Balance One, both always on. The ADSL is 24/2M in theory, quite a bit lower (maybe 15/1M) but constant in practice. The LTE is 50/5M in theory, but varies wildly due to cellular network usage. Uplink is usually pretty good, but downlink is generally between 5-30M, sometimes almost grinding to a halt.Any suggestions for the outbound policy on this kind of setup that would take advantage of the occasionally really good downlink on the LTE yet avoiding the slowdowns by using the constant bandwidth on the ADSL? Back when I didn’t have the LTE everything was, well, more average; now I sometimes get really good download speeds but also sometimes streaming freezes for a while which is really bad for user experience.Most of the time it’s just 1-2 users, so not too many connections to balance. I presume more load would balance out better, but when one user can get all of the bandwidth at once, the drops are also more noticeable.


Have you compare the latency between these 2 links? Latency for LTE will be better when internet connection is good?

I suppose the latency for LTE improves when the connection is good, but the latency for ADSL is always better (lower) than LTE, usually by a factor of 2x-3x. (I’m considering adding a rule to always use ADSL for e.g. ssh because of this, but that’s another story.)


You may want to consider upgrade the Balance One to 6.2.0 Beta 3 which will be released soon, it has Lowest Latency as default Outbound rule that should cater for your scenario. Stay tuned for the news.