Recommendation sought: router and access points

We are looking for a WiFi mesh solution with following:

  • cover two buildings about 30’ apart (750 and 2400 sq ft reap.)
  • a dozen or more devices (phones, computers, …)
  • good handling of uploads
  • DPI and URL monitoring
  • good network monitoring software
  • good software control of features

Do we need wifi 6 support in the router as well as the APs?
We are looking at two AP One AX or AP One AX Lites, and considering Surf Soho Mk3 for the router.

We are 2 sw devs working out of our home.



Is this what you are trying to setup?
So Building 1 Soho(wired wan) ethernet to AP one AX <-wireless bridge-> Ap one AX building 2?