Recommendation for Peplink's setup

Hi all,

I would like to seek a assistance regarding peplink’s setup.Please see attached file for the network diagram.

The requirement is to loadbalance the two IPVPN. My only concern is the IPVPN network between Philippines and Malaysia. The IPVPN is not just a point-to-point. We are using BGP.

Here’s the existing setup.

From checkpoint, we created an interface with an IP address 192.168.x.1 (not stated in the network diagram) and connected to the router (192.168.x.2) and connected to the 2nd router with an IP address 27.x. x.145.

Note: the red border line is part of the malaysia which is the 27.x.x.146. All the IP address from checkpoint interface up to the IPVPN router don’t have Gateway address.

Same with the HGC IPVPN.

Question, how will i add the two IPVPN if there is no gateway. What is the best setup for this.

Any recommendation will much appreciated.

Thank You.

Hi Ronnel,

Need more info to understand the design. I will send PM to you.