Reboot Pepwave MAX HD2 by means of SNMP


I need to remote reboot MAX HD2 one time per day.

Maybe inside MAX HD2 there is CRON for example?


It is possible to reboot MAX HD2 by means of SNMP?
What OID is responsible for it?


Why do you need to reboot it once a day?

These MAX HD2 are established on mobile objects.
During movement there are multiple losses of communication with further restoration.

As practice MAX HD2 reset before a start of motion well shows influences its stability in operating time, especially it concerns work 3G и GPS.

Actually the MAX should not need to be rebooted before going in motion, our firmware is very stable and adapts to the changing environments.

Currently, the only way to remotely reboot it would be to log in to the web admin interface via one of the WAN connections.

At permanent job of MAX HD2 I face a problem of restoration 3G of connection after its loss.

In this case the device sees a mobile network however a traffic don’t pass.
After reset device or restart 3G of connection the problem for some time vanishes.

Quite probably that the problem is connected with mint mobile operators.

I can write a script which will reboot the device on SSH, however I thought there is simpler way for this purpose.

I seemed to me saw in SNMP MIB for MAX HD2 such opportunity.