Reboot by SMS or call

I have 30 Pepwaves in remote locations. They sometimes hang. It’d be nice if I could hard cold/hard reboot them with a call or SMS.

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I suggest open ticket for us to investigate what is going wrong there.

For the quick and temporary solution, please ensure you have the latest firmware version. You may enable Watchdog and Schedule Reboot via “http://<LAN IP>/cgi-bin/MANGA/support.cgi”.

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This feature would be great.

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I use these in several locations:

The device can be programmed to send out a ping on a regular basis. If the ping does not reply, the device reboots the power outlet. This would be installed on the LAN behind your Balance, or it could ping a google or something else on the internet, depending on what other devices you have in between. You can control how much delay there is, how many tries, etc. I’m surprised you have problems with the Balance hanging, because in my experience that rarely if ever happens. I do have problems with modems hanging, and use this same system to keep them alive at remote locaitons.

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Thanks Don!

Would you happen to know of another that has a smaller form factor and that operates in industrial temperature ranges?

I just want to add that it’s never acceptable to Peplink that our device would be hanging. It’s always a high priority issue we will look into and get resolved, should that happen.

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Hi Keith,

do you plan to enable SMS management? Sometimes this would be an only option to reboot the device or make it switch to SIM B… I find it quite useful.

Regarding Reboot by SMS, here is the special build for testing it for BR1.

You can reboot setting through SMS.
The password is 1111, and here is the usage example.

Command Description Example
reboot_device Reboot the router 1111;reboot_device;

You are welcome to give us feedback for trying this build.


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Thanks Kaho.

I will take some time to play with this.
Do you intend to wrap this back on the main branch? I am always apprehensive running FW that is not formally supported/maintained.

Hi Kaho,

will this firmware work with MAX Hotspot and BR1 MK2 LTEA?

Hi Wilink,

The special build do not support MAX Hotspot and BR1 MK2 LTEA.
This feature will support at official 7.1.1.


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Just to be clear… By BR1 do you mean BR1 LTE (MAX-BR1-LTE-E-T)? We are very keen on testing this feature :slight_smile:

The special build provided by Kay works for BR1 LTE but not BR1 MK2 LTEA. If you have a BR1 LTE, you can upgrade with 7.0.3s019 to test the feature.


I just loaded 7.1.0 bld 2860 on a router in Uganda and dont see options for SMS-triggered reboot. Is this feature enabled in 7.1? Model is MAX BR1 (HW2)

@plefloch, the feature is not included in firmware 7.1.0GA, you may want to load the special build 7.0.3s019 as mentioned by @Eddy_Yeung.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I considered this but issue is they are on 48 VDC supply (plus that’s another contraption that could go wrong).