Really appreciate the product, design and support

As someone who’s spent more than my fair share of time fighting a homegrown configuration of cisco routers which were trying to do a subset of the things the balance’s handle with ease – and having more experience than I wanted with all the problems and headaches the balance’s have to handle to do what they do – I want to say how much I appreciate the peplink balance’s! SO smooth, and the product design and user interface naturally directs you towards an architecture which is practical for the job of multi-wan routing. There are a lot of gotchas with the naive approaches which the peplink design helps you avoid, while still exposing flexibly yet comprehensible traffic flow policies.

I’ve been happily impressed with the peplink technical support and with the support from the 3rd party sales affiliate from who we purchased our balances. We encountered a bug in the support for an LTE modem model we use at two of our sites and got a beta firmware release within days of submitting the problem report which has so far addressed the problem.

I’m now happily rocking peplinks at 4 of our 5 sites – and looking forward to ticking the 5th next month.


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Thanks for your kind words and continued support of our products and solutions!

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