Real-time bandwidth at a glance

I would like the real-time bandwidth page to show me more WANs in one screen without having to scroll up and down to view all WANs. See example screenshot.

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Hello @Unstable
Have you looked the way data is shown in InControl2 for usage? InControl2 only shows you the combined usage of all WANs or a single WAN at a time.

Being able to view multiple WANs, as you have shown on the right, would be interesting though here is the challenge, where is the diagnostics and support benefits, I can think of some, though would like others here to mention some more

  • Checking Load Balancing between WANs
  • Checking Usage Trends between WANs
  • Checking Outage Trends between WANs
  • Verifying Carrier Usage alerts
    Happy to Help,
    Marcus :slight_smile:

Thank you for your comment. Sadly, I’m not interested in InControl2.

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@Unstable can you share with us what you don’t like about IC2? Thanks.

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You will probably disagree with me, but here’s what I don’t like about InControl2:

  1. I prefer not to have my information online, no matter how secure, especially with an absence of two way authentication.
  2. I hate that enabling IC2 would prevent me from managing some router functions locally.
  3. I hate the IC2 interface. I honestly find it horrible. I click something and I find myself somewhere else with a different menu. I would prefer a simpler menu like the one in Balance routers.

I enabled IC2 multiple times, and every time I end up not liking it and disabling it almost immediately. Sorry.

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First of all, thank you so much for your honest feedback. This is what we need to make better products.

Did you mean two-factor authentication? It is already supported on IC2. There is also a version of IC2 for self-hosting and customers can have complete control of their data.

Acknowledged. This is an area we are improving.

This is good feedback. We will put more thoughts to that. One thing we can do is to avoid refreshing the whole page when there are fixed elements across pages. That can help users “orient” themselves better. What do you think?

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