Random Thoughts about 6.1

On the System=>Time page it would be nice to have the current time and a Set Now button to make sure it works.

On System=>Feature Add-ons page you should probably have a link to a place I can buy add-ons. I looked but failed at finding any.

On System=>Admin Security should there be a way to disable read only access besides long mysterious names and passwords?

On the Status=> device page I’d like to see the IP addresses of the WAN ports

On the Status=>Bandwidth=>Real-Time is a button, Hide/Show Details which makes almost no sense on a device with only 3 WAN ports. I understand why it’s there but should it default to showing details if there are less than 5 items to show?

On the Network=>WAN page I’d like to see the WAN IPs in the table at the top.

In the Network=>Port Forwarding page I with I could pick TCP+UDP so I don’t have to make 2 entries.

On the Dashboard page was a note that said “Remote assistance enabled” and had a green light. I clicked “Disable” and there seem to be no way to re-enable it.


Thank you for those recommendation. We will discuss it internally about them.

I keep seeing “This firmware will expire on Sun Feb 23 15:59:59 PST 2014.” whenever I log in, will there be a new beta before then?


The public version will be available soon. The beta firmware will continue to work after the expired date, but you will be prompted to upgrade when you log in.

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