Random Reboots Surf Solo 8.1.1

Has anyone else been experiencing random reboots in firmware 8.1.1?

I have the Surf Solo in the network for about 3 weeks running behind an ATT gateway. The gateway wifi is turned off and the Solo wifi is “always on” with the no scheduled events for the Solo. I have had two times that I know of when the Solo has decided to reboot itself. This was evident because I was playing music and the wifi dropped out. When I checked, the gateway was fine, but the Solo was in the process of a reboot with a red status LED.

I will probably schedule a daily reboot to see if this helps, but I was curious if anyone else had this issue.


I was experience semi-random reboots with MAX Transit some time ago which turned out to be due to insufficient power coming through an external power supply.

When I contacted Peplink support it also advised that power was the primary reason for random reboots. The issue was resolved when I changed the power connections (from 1 USB to 2 USBs and later hardwired).

How’s your Surf Solo powered? Could there have been a brief power outage or power fluctuation of some kind that causes the reboot?

Thanks for your reply. It is interesting that they pointed to power as the source for you. I am powering the Solo with the provided power supply. My mains power is very reliable and runs a little above 120V, so maybe Solo power supply is having a problem. Perhaps I should contact Peplink support.


Hi @jac.brown999,

Did you notice similar behaviour while using 8.1.0, 8.0.2 firmwares or this only started to happen with 8.1.1 firmware ?

I am new to the Peplink world. I just got the SurfSoho a few weeks ago and didn’t operate it on the supplied 8.0.x firmware. I updated the firmware early in the setup process. Sorry, no information.

I read some old posts about a similar problem back in the 7.x firmware days with the solution of a daily reboot, so I am trying that.

@jac.brown999 I see, in this case I would suggest to open up a ticket so our support team could take a look. Maybe something will be seen in your device logs. Before creating a ticket enable remote assistance on your device and while creating a ticket add diagnostic report file to it. You can find diagnostic report file and remote assistance feature in the status tab under device section. Tickets can be created from this link:

Thanks, Rokas.

I’m going to try one thing before creating a ticket. I realized that the power supply was plugged into an adapter. That could be a source of intermittent power, so I have rearranged the plugs to allow direct plug into the surge protector.


Since you are new to the Surf SOHO, let me say it should not reboot on its own.

Look at the Event logs in the Surf SOHO, the main one, the firewall one and the AP one. Also, look at the event log for the ISP gateway device.

As for power, any router, modem or gateway should be connected to either a surge protector or a line-interactive UPS. Its like buying insurance.

Yes. I used to have the same issue. I used Surf Solo in the network and employee monitoring software.
The problem was resolved by changing the power connections.
How about yours? Does it work well?

Mine was not a power related issue. Through the ticket system, they suggested removing some content blocking and that seems to have fixed it. Of course, I will need more to confirm.