RADIUS web UI authentication not working after upgrade

Hello, I just upgraded my Pepwave MAX BR1 to 8.1.0. Now I can’t login to the web UI when RADIUS with MS-CHAPv2 is used. This worked perfectly fine when running on 8.0.2. The only change was upgrading to 8.1.0. Absolutely nothing else was changed. I am using Cisco Access Control System 5.8. What I see on the RADIUS server logs is that there is error “Incorrect RADIUS MS-CHAPv2 attribute”. If I change on the Pepwave to PAP then login works fine. Or I can keep MS-CHAPv2 but reboot back to 8.0.2 and login works fine again. What can be the problem with 8.1.0 and MS-CHAPv2?

And by the way, TACACS+ does not work at all in 8.1.0.



Would you please open a support ticket and share me the ticket number ?

We may need to check on this in order to confirm the issue.

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Ticket #20080310

Thank you :smiley: :smiley:

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