Radius Authentication on AP WPA/WPA2 - Enterprise does not work after upgrade to 8.0.1 build 2695

I have upgraded my peplink balance 305 HW2 to Firmware 8.0.1 build 2695 and now all users cannot login with WPA/WPA2 - Enterprise.

The logs say Terminate cause: dialin_disabled

Nothing was changed either to peplink configuration or the RADIUS
Can anyone advice?


May i know the firmware version running for the APs ? Beside that you are upgrading the B305 HW2 from what firmware version?

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Peplink Balance 305 HW2 8.0.0 build 2636 ->8.0.1 build 2695
APOne Firmware 3.5.3


We had this Radius problem with firmware 8.0.0 on HD4’s and Transits (not on other devices) and had to downgrade all those HD4s and Transits to 7.1.2. Firmware v8.0.1 RC3 should have fixed that problem, so I’m interrested on the result of this post :-). Peplink support ticket with that problem was 9090688.


Found that you have opened a support ticket for issue. Support team will followup with you via support ticket.


The reported issue for ticket 9090688 have been fixed.

For this forum. it’s more on device B305 HW2 & AP One, support team still working with @Constantinos_Charala to investigate the problem. Weird is that, we have tried reproduce the setup in our lab but we don’t see the problem.


Do you want me to send you any other information? Basically nothing was changed on the RADIUS just upgraded the Balance 305. Also I Have a “Guest” SSID configured and this is working fine.

@Constantinos_Charala, please follow up in the ticket as we have more visibility there.


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