Rack ears for Peplink Balance 20x?

I’m looking to add a 20x to a rack of gear for video streaming. Looks to be about 1 RU tall, but I can’t seem to find rack ears for it anywhere?
Are the only rackable products those which are built for racks?
Why are there not “rack ears” for the other items which look to fit nicely in a rack, they just aren’t wide enough?

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Hi. Peplink does not manufacture rack ears for this router. Generally, we either place them on a (ventilated) rack shelf or use 3D printed rack adapters. (I sent you a PM re the latter.) Both approaches work well and have their advantages.

You’re right – it’s a bit less than 1 RU in height. It’s “rackable” – just not with OEM hardware.

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HI, could you tell me where to find rack supports for the 20x model? Thanks

Hello @Aldo_Piccinini,
You can find an STP file from @Jose_Luis_Gonzalez here.

Peplink Community Forum Post - B20X Mounting Bracket

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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We tried that version and didn’t like it for our own uses.
We ended up designing our own and have them for sale, if you are in the usa.
PM me or send or send an e-mail to [email protected] if your interested.
Cost is $25 per set + shipping.
Our design is a complete redesign and is a three piece set to keep it from coming off.
Front view

Back view

Top View

Mounted in Rack

External Antenna

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