Questions about Captive Portal


Hi All,
Is it correct that with email authentication, the email is only requested once?
One of my customer configured the Captive portal via email, but authentication was only requested for the first time. The Guest sign-in is default, it’s correct ?

always the same customer, he noted that if the mobile device, during the day loses the connection, when the device returns undercover, the CP request access again , is it correct?



Hi Antonio,

you can decide between


you have to authenticate on captive Portal



Hi dennis, the CP is set with "every day or quota reset… " but the connected devices show these symptoms .



As the purpose of the email access mode is for collecting email addresses, so an email address shall just be validated once. The “every day or after a quota reset” option just tells how frequent client devices shall be prompted to sign-in. If the user entered a validated email address, the device could get Internet access without needing to valid the email address again.


Hi Michael, thanks for your answer .

About my second question, is correct, that during the same day if the device goes out of coverage of the wifi, when it comes back under the cover, the capitve portal requires access again?



On the same day and without a quota reset,the user will not be prompted to login again after he/she reconnects.


ok thanks, then I will open a ticket .