Question on Firewall access rules

How long can the Rule Name be for a firewall access rule?
And, are there any characters that are not allowed in the rule name?
Also, when specifying a domain name in a firewall rule, is it case sensitive? Thanks.

At least 260 characters are supported in a rule name - I’ve used that many before as I frequently use a verbose rule name like this for a rule:

[SMTP TCP] - For Inbound Customer Email traffic - source restricted to upstream mail server at, Created by Bob Smith on 1st Jan 2016 [email protected]

I haven’t found any unacceptable characters yet certainly all of the normal ones (! @ # & ( ) – { } ] : ; ', ? / *) are accepted.

Domain names in rules should not be case sensitive - as neither are domains in the real world, although I have always used lowercase in the past as a matter of habit

I have a network with 1 ballanced 710 hub and 15 Max HD2
All the HD2 have unique addresses, and have the PEP VPN into the 710 balanced router
How do I set up the firewall on this network to prevent Max HD2 NO1 to be able to go into the local Lan on Max Hd2 NO 2 network


You can accomplish this using internal firewall rules on the HD2s. Change the default rule to deny adding an allow rule for the 710 hub LAN.

Howe do i do the firewall settings?

You may limit the route advertising in HD4 via Network > OSPF & RIPv2 > Route Advertisement > Network Advertising.