Question on DNS servers

Running Surf Soho firmware version 6.1.0 build 1419

In the Wan details section, there is a section of DNS servers. There is no help in the UI and the manual does not answer this question:

Why are the two available options not mutually exclusive?

The options are “Obtain DNS server address automatically” and “Use the following DNS server address”. It seems to me like they should be mutually exclusive.


If both are checked, the “Obtain automatically” will be used first and then the “Used Specified DNS servers” will be used next ISP (Automatic). I believe it will take more time to bring the WAN back up let’s say if both are checked and there are issues with the ISPs DNS Server, as the Soho will keep checking all DNS Server addresses it is assigned to determine the “good one” to bring the WAN connection up which will take longer as opposed to having just one DNS option active. If a engineer could confirm that this is the case?

We may have a mis-understanding. DNS servers are specified in two places for two different purposes. In the WAN details section, the section called “DNS servers” is the DNS servers used while the WAN connection is alive. This is separate and distinct from DNS servers used to check if the connection is alive or not. I was not asking about the DNS servers used for health checking. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

Hi Michael,

Understood point. By default, only “Obtain DNS server address automatically” will be checked. We just give an option to allow user to have their preferred DNS server. Of course this will also benefit to the Surf Soho for WAN health if DNS Lookup is selected.